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Real-time monitoring

Do you know what is happening inside your network?

Nowadays, many organizations face various cyber-attacks which are not detected by the common defense tools. The techniques to attack an organizations’ network are limitless and dynamic. The Technologies evolve, and so does attacking methods and tools.

Fortunately, the toolset an organization possesses in order to protect and defend the network is more capable than ever, i.e.; Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and so on. All of these security measures are right in place, they have a specific purpose and they should be able to deliver. The only thing these products do not bring within are the human mind and creativity.

We can provide with answers to:

  • What happened in your network?
  • When it was done?
  • How was it done?
  • What is the damage?

Our Offer

A security product could have the most astonishing capabilities, along with extensive grip in the network; however, it will never fulfil its full potential without the human factor knowledge and research capabilities. Our service is based on combining the great capabilities of the security product which are implemented in the organization and the vast experience and creativity of a cyber-security professional investigating teams.

Our “in depth real time analysis” (IDRA) service is an innovative service which allows an organization to determine whether it is under an ongoing cyber-attack / campaign using tailored made tools and scripts as well as using existing security measures on premise.

This service is based on the process of fully investigating the following:

  • Data protocols transmitted in the network
  • Organizations’ defense platforms
  • User workstations
  • Etc.

All of this information will be gathered into a “Big Data” system which will be installed by our research team. Based on the gathered information, intelligent data mining will be performed in order to analyze the data in a consolidated manner to detect anomalies. This method aids narrowing down any relevant conclusions and assists the investigators to exhaust false investigation approaches.


In the end of the investigation process the organization will receive a map of the ongoing campaign, and cyber threats that were detected during the campaign.

The major benefit of this service is that the organization is successfully reducing chances of a potential ongoing security breach. The true meaning of being secured from a security breach is not only securing your information or the critical assets, it could also:

  • Protect the organizations brand
  • Avoid financial expenses.

Get Cyber Protected

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