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Incident Response Team

Incident response services provides you with an immediate initial response to a cyber-incident\attack. the purpose of the incident response team is to provide protection against the current attack and to prevent it from spreading deeper into your assets.

In the last year, we are facing various cyber-attacks in and outside of Israel. These attacks included the use of APTs with the design to take control over the organization assets, Ransom-ware, impersonating to existing users, exfiltration sensitive information and more.

Avnet through its Cyber Incident Response Team provides 24/7 immediate responses to all of the above. Statistics gathered through 2016 shows the malicious attackers uses a wide range of attack vectors to “hack” into an organization to damage it, and in many cases succeed in doing so.

Avnet’s Cyber Incident Response Team has a robust and cross sector experience in dealing and mitigating live cyber-attacks as they happen.

Avent’s Incident Response Methodology

  • 1

    Once the first information of detection arrives to the Incident Response Team an initial investigation is being made assessing the magnitude of the incident and preparing the right resources to effectively resolve it.

  • 2

    The incident is being isolated from the rest of the network in order to block the attack from spreading.

  • 3

    An in depth analysis is conducted with the goal of locating the source of the breach and its method of penetration.

  • 4

    Once the investigation is completed, the team sanitizes the infected workstation and restores the clients’ network into full operation.

  • 5

    A detailed report is written and submitted to the client describing the incident and recommendations that will prevent future incidents.

Once the organization is under a cyber-incident with imminent danger Avnet’s cyber incident response team, comprised out of carefully selected veteran cyber experts provides a swift & professional response. The team is activated immediately and is there until the incident is resolved in the shortest time and best possible result.

Our Offer

  • 24*7/365 days a year, veteran incident response team at your service.
  • Support during an incident remotely and at the clients premise.
  • Building a site case file.
  • Evaluation and improvement of the Organization alert systems.
  • Configuring Honeypots as an input to your SIEM.
  • War games as a drill.

Get Cyber Protected

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