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Cyber Posture & Strategy Design

Are you ready to face a cyber-attack?

Cyber incidents are on the rise and everybody is exposed to them. “Target Retail” data breach damage costs so far are estimated by them at $291 million, and may reach $370 million, U.K. mobile service provider TalkTalk attributed more than $80 million in losses to a breach that garnered information on 157,000 customers. Yet, other companies have no idea how much damage their breaches have done. It is just a matter of time until you will find it at your doorstep.

  • Can you answer and say how ready is your organization for such an attack?
  • Can you give a qualified answer?
  • Can you give a scalable answer?

If not then you are not prepared for an imminent cyber-attack.

This is why you need to take the first initiative and expose beforehand all of your organization cyber security vulnerabilities.

Our Offer

We are pleased and honored to offer you our Cyber Posture & Strategy Design service. an in depth security audit and risk assessment of your network, IT infrastructure, End-Point, Industrial network, web-server infrastructure, organization policy, training level, security operations capabilities and procedures of your organization headquarters and facilities. The outcome and deliverables will be an IT & Cyber Security master plan that will equip your organization with next-generation cyber defense capabilities.

It is very important for us to emphasize that it is our most sincere desire to provide an extremely high quality work product based on our vast experience that will differ from what most consulting companies would provide in a regular IT security audit, or a penetration test report outcome etc. as we would like to take your organization to the next level of viewing IT & Cyber security, not as an IT or technology division problem, but rather a Risk Officer and Boardroom issue that requires in depth understanding. This will enable us to construct a roadmap pointing out a series of significant activities necessary for building the appropriate robust infrastructure for IT & Cyber Security suitable for years to come in order to face upcoming challenges. 

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